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Dental Services
Dental Services
Root Canal Treatment.
Scaling and Polishing.
Dentures; Veneers 
Gum Treatment
Tooth Jwellery
Whitening of Tooth
 Dr.Muhamed Rehan. BDS
 Consulting General Dentist
Root Canal Treatment
Painless Root Canal Treatment by our qualified specialist using the latest technology & materials gives you long lasting results & a pleasant experience all through.
White Fillings
White fillings done with Composite (LED Light cured) are currently better compared to the old Silver-amalgam fillings. With new technologies they have improved properties in terms of Strength, Longevity and Preservation of tooth structure. Our qualified Specialists use the current best materials & equipment to provide you a custom made and long-lasting treatment.
Gum Treatment
Gum treatment is the treatment of active gum and jaw bone disease. Gum disease treatment can slow or stop the progression of gum disease. Since there are different stages of gum disease (from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis), there are different levels of treatment. At AL FIDA we provide the most advanced gum treatments by qualified and experienced professionals.