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It is a therapeutic system founded by the German doctor Samuel Christian F. Hahnemann, Meissen, Germany 1755 – Paris, 1843.
The word ‘homeopathy’ is made up of the Greek words ‘omoios’, meaning ‘similar’, and ‘pathos’, meaning disease.
Homeopathy is based on a principle called `similia similibus curenture; means Lets likes be treated by likes.
Homeopathic Medicines may be affectively applied in chronic  long term conditions, as well as acute (short term)illness of adults ,children and animals. Homeopathy is not to be confused with herbal medicine or nutritional therapy, as it is a distinct and integral system unto itself.
Homeopathy seeks to re establish both balance and harmony to an individual`s health through the administration of specifically designed remedies. Sources of these remedies are all derived from naturally occurring substance.
Sources of Homeopathic medicines
1.Plant Kingdom
About 60%of the homeopathic medicines are prepared from one or more of the plant parts, such as leaves roots ;flowers ,seeds ,berries ,whole plant etc.All kinds of plants ,benign, poisonous, and  carnivorous in full or parts are used in various homeopathic medicines.
2.Chemical and minerals;
About 20% of homeopathic medicines are prepared from minerals ,chemicals and metals. Practically all metals and major minerals have been explored for their potential  as healing agents in Homeopathic Medicines.
3.Animal products: Some of the animal products are are used as homeopathic Medicines with out killing or sacrificing the animals.Animal products like Snake poison ;spider poison etc are used minute quantity as therapeutic products.
Eg: Lachesis ;naja;Tarrentula;Bufo rana.
4.Imponderables : use of invisible substance such as magnets ;Xray .Radium etc are used as Homeopathic medicines.
5.Hormones and disease tissues: Natural Human discharges as well as diseases tissues are converted in to Homeopathisc medicines.
6.Microbes ;bacteria ,virus and other micro organism are have been in use as Homeopathic Medicines long before the use of vaccines. Some commonly used homeopathic medicines are Tuberculinum; syphillinum ;medorrhinum ;carcinosinum etc.
Consulting G.P.HOMEOPATHY: DR.SUBAIR.P.K .BHMS.(Fellow of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy Greece)